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Trek Packing List

This is packing list for the treks. These items enough for the trek in Nepal. These list will help you while you are in Nepal specially if you are doing trek in Nepal. The requirement of things depends up the type of trek you do. Generally you have to pack the following things for trek. Those things can also be rented in Kathmandu.

Packing List:

  • Backpack, 4500 cu in.
    (a smaller pack should suffice)
  • Compression stuff-sack (to fit more things into my guide's pack)
  • Radial compression sack (for down jacket and pile pants, etc)
  • Straps and/or rope to attach things to backpacks
  • Down sleeping bag, 5 degree F
  • Thermarest Lite sleeping pad (short)
  • Walking stick, collapsible
  • Cameras (2)
  • Film (40 rolls, availability and price varies)
  • Nylon mesh bags for film (for easy airport hand-inspection)
  • Photo kit (filters, lens cleaner, batteries, mini-tripod, etc)
  • Medical kit (consult a doctor and trekking guide book)
  • First aid kit (typical backpacking kit for minor injuries)
  • Toiletries kit (soap, shampoo, razor, toothbrush, etc)
  • Repair kit (tape, glue, safety pins, sewing kit, batteries, etc)
  • Water bottle (quart or liter)
  • Iodine (Polar-Pure) for water
  • Boots (light-weight Gore-Tex)
  • Tennis shoes
  • Shower thongs
  • Wool socks (2 or 3 pairs)
  • Polypropalene socks (2 pairs)
  • T-Shirts (2)
  • Supplex nylon pants/shorts (convertible: these are wonderful)
  • Nylon wind/rain suit (jacket and pants, breathable)
  • Extra nylon pants (for my guide)
  • Polyester pile jacket and pants
  • Down Jacket (bought used in Kathmandu)
  • Wool/polypropalene long underwear (shirt and pants)
  • Underpants (3 or 4)
  • Wool gloves
  • Wool hat
  • Belt
  • Wrist watch
  • Money pockets (lots of pockets are useful)
  • Matches and lighter (kept in checked luggage on plane)
  • Swiss Army knife (kept in checked luggage on plane)
  • Comb
  • Toilet paper roll (available at lodges)
  • Capilene shirt
  • Bandana
  • Pack towel
  • Gator Aid (for rehydration)
  • Flashlight (mini-maglight) with headband and batteries
  • Spare glasses
  • Clip-on sunglasses
  • Lonely Planet: Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya (guide book)
  • Notebook and pens
  • Trekking permits
  • Padlocks and cable (for private room doors, securing pack)
  • Luggage locks
  • Extra zip-lock bags

Items brought only on first trek, but not second:

  • Water filter (can buy boiled water)
  • Sleeping bag liner (not that useful)
  • Waterproof gloves (lost them on first trek)
  • Balaclava (not extremely cold very often)
  • Gaiters (I didn't expect much snow)
  • Instep crampons (I didn't expect much ice)
  • Map (guide had one)
  • Compass (not needed)
  • Candles (can be obtained at most lodges)
  • Handkerchiefs (substituted toilet paper)
  • Laundry detergent (may have been useful)
  • Sunscreen (may have been useful)
  • Travel alarm (not needed)
  • Bezruchka: Trekking in Nepal (heavier than Lonely Planet guide)
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