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About Patan

The historic city Patan (Lalitpur) is situated at 6 km southeast Patan Cityof downtown Kathmandu across the Bagmati river, it is also known as Lalitpur. Patan is the ideal place to shop cast metal figures of Buddhist and Hindu deities.Named after the legendary King Janak, Janakpur was the capital of the ancient Indian Kingdom Mithila. Janakpur was the native country of goddess Sita, the wifeof the Hindu God Rama and the heroine of the great Hindu epic "Ramayana"Window View. Janakpur is one of the few places of Terai where a lot of ponds can be found. Most of the Patan Museumponds have spritual values where pilgrims love to dive.Today Janakpur stands as the most cleanest and interesting place among all the towns of Terai.
There are many monuments of historical significance for the visit like, Krishna Mandir, Mahaboudha, Hiranya Verna Mahavihar, Kumbheshwor, Jagatnarayan Temple, The Ashokan Stupas, Achheswor Mahavihar etc.

Entrance fee Rs.50 per person.  


 Around Patan: Village Bungamati and Khokana
 It is situated about 12 kBungamati Villagem south of Kathmandu, which is lise near of Patan. The twin villages of Bungamati and Khokana date from 16th century and typical ancient Newar Villages. About 5000 people live in Bungmati anDurbar Squared 3000 inhabitants in Khonkana. In between the two settlements is the temple of Karya Binayak. Just like Bungmati, Khokana is a compact village. Running through it is a wide main street, which was built after the 1934 earthquake. In the middle of the street is the temple of Sikali Mai, Khokana's guardian mother goddess. Khokana has long been famous as an oil-pressing center where mustard seeds are pressed using traditional methods.
It is a small town, 8 km south-west of Kathmandu on the top of a hill. The ancient township is a natural fortress and has a proud and courageous history. It was founded by Shiva Deva between 1099 and 1126. It was apart of kingdom of Patan after the division of Kathmandu valley in 1482. Historically, this city is famous for its resistance against the invasion of Gorkhas. The King of Gorkha, Prithivi Narayan Shah attacked there time to conquer this city. The city is historically and artistically important. There are many small and big temples and stupas scattered around the city. The CStatuehilamchu Stupa and the temple of Bagh Bhairav are major sights here. Kirtipur offers quaint streets lined with artistic houses and temple squares. The people are known for their skill in building and weaving.

Chobhar Gorge is situated nine kilometers South-west of Kathmandu, this place is famous for its gorge. All of the water of the valley drain through it. There is a small but picturesque temple of Adinath on the top of a hill. From this top one can have a panoramic view of snow capped mountain peaks.
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