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Higher Secondary Education Board
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How to chose right colleges and Course??

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Choosing the right college can be an overwhelming process, especially if you’re not sure where to start. You can read a hundred books, talk to dozens of people and surf the Net for possibilities, but if you don’t organize your priorities ahead of time, you may find it difficult to make a decision. Deciding what you are looking for in a college before hitting the books could save you frustration in the long run. College is a big investment, both financially and personally. The last thing you want is to sign up for classes at a college you think is right for you, only to find that it wasn’t what you thought it would be. If this happens, you then have to go through the process of searching for the right college all over again, hoping that the credits you have earned thus far are transferable.

It’s true that even if you go through the process of carefully analyzing your priorities you may still find that the college you choose isn’t the right fit. But, at least if you take the time to consider important factors ahead of time you may significantly reduce the odds of this happening. So before you jump into your college search, take a few minutes to consider (at least) the following three important factors of choosing a college:

Cost is usually a big factor when choosing a college. Set a realistic budget for your college education, considering course fees, room and board, books and meal plans carefully. This will help narrow the list of colleges you consider, leaving you with a more manageable and less overwhelming list of colleges to choose from. If you plan to apply for financial aid, understand the terms of your loan and, if possible, the amount you are approved for before you begin your search.

If you already know what field you want to major in, the programs that a college offers will likely be a large factor in your decision. Depending on how broad your chosen major is, you will either have several colleges to choose from, or very few. Either way, with a major in mind your list of college choices will likely narrow, giving you a more manageable list to work from.

If you aren’t sure what field you would like to major in, but you do not want to delay your college education while you decide, you may want to consider choosing a college that offers a variety of programs. This way, when you decide on a major you might be able to continue studying at that college and not have to go through the process of changing schools. Another benefit to choosing a college with a variety of programs is that you can gain more exposure and insight into different fields than if you were to choose a college offering fewer programs. In this respect, choosing a college offering several different programs can be beneficial, especially for the undecided student.

Next on the list of important things to consider when choosing a college is location. Are you looking for adventure at a college across the country or internationally? Would you like the freedom of going away to college while still being within driving distance of your hometown, or would you prefer attending a college in your hometown or surrounding area? Depending on your personality, location can make a huge difference in your college experience. It’s not just the distance from home that matters either; the environment of the college is equally important. If you enjoy the fast pace and multicultural uniqueness of a city, for example, then a college tucked away in a rural town may bore you, and vice versa. Since location plays a large role in your college experience as a whole, it is a good idea to take this into consideration when making your decision.

Once you have narrowed your list to a few potential colleges, it is always a good idea to pay them a visit. Get a feel for the atmosphere, speak to an admissions counselor and tour their facilities. It’s one thing to read about a college in a book, or to look at photos online, but it’s another to experience the college first hand. Taking the time to visit potential colleges will likely influence your final decision.

When it comes to choosing a college, cost, location and programs offered tend to be the top three deciding factors. Choosing the right college can be overwhelming and even a little intimidating. After all, your education is a big personal and financial commitment that has the potential to greatly influence your life. By taking the time to determine your priorities, you have the power to make this potentially overwhelming experience an exciting adventure.

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About Higher secondary education in Nepal, a backdrop

It is said that education is a life long process, but the basic education that one gets during the formative year definitely contributes to the shaping of one's future and outlook. This is where; the school and high school education assumes importance.

Today's school is not merely a school it is much more. Its teachers and staff together with the guardians and students give it a wholesome environment. As student not only finds a guru here but guides and friends for life. It is a place to inculcate the fundamentals of honored values. The education of the weak brains between the ages of 17 - 18 is counted within the school education in the international arena.

Further the students of this age group require a disciplined environment of the schools rather than that of the universities because of their sensitive age factor. It was precisely for these kinds of reasons than the educational planner, administrator, pedagogues and experts took the initiative to bring about a change in the existing educational structure by incorporating two more years of schooling in it, grade XI and grade XII, known as higher secondary level.

For this purpose, two important seminars were organized in which educational professionals and responsible authorities participated and eventually concluded with a consensus that the 10 + 2 system be established and operated with optimum efficiency and effectiveness. Following this outcome, Government of Nepal decided to introduce the Higher Secondary Education Act, which came into effect in 1989 A.D. Later, as stipulated in the Act, the Higher Secondary Education assembly was constituted under the chairmanship of the Minister of Education.

Subsequently Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) was established in 1989 under the Higher Secondary Education Act. The board is involved in running the 10 + 2 system in the country.

The 856 higher secondary schools at present and the possibility of its proliferation show that the establishment of the Higher Secondary Education Board will be justifiable in the future to come.

Nepal National Commission of Education 1992 recommended the importance of the 10 + 2 structure in the education system and viewed it as the first step towards specialization. Incorporating extra two years in school education was a change in the existing educational structure aiming at meeting the middle level manpower and imparting necessary knowledge and skills to the students pursuing further education.

The 856 higher secondary schools at present and the possibility of its proliferation show that the establishment of the Higher Secondary Education Board will be justifiable in the future to come.

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