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About Chitwan

Nepal’s first and the most famous national park, Chitwan National Park offers a

wilderness of rich ecosystem that includes mammals, birds, reptiles and water animals of several kinds. It is little surprising therefore that this is one of the most popular and most frequented parts of the country. Owing to its rich adornment of nature the park was declared UNESCO Natural Heritage Site in 1979. The park that includes in its area a part of the Shivalik Hills is covered with deciduous forests overlooking the flood plains of Narayani, Rapti and Reu rivers. There are around 600 plant species, 50 mammals, 526 birds and 49 amphibians, reptiles found in the park. The highlights, of course, are the 500 Asian one-horned Rhinoceros and Wild Animalsome 100 nocturnal Royal Bengali Tigers that live in the dense forests of the park. Sharing home with these are other animals like rhesus monkey, grey langur, deer, leopards, white stocking gaur, wild boar, wild dogs and wild cats. Among reptiles are different kinds of snakes including the python, while the river areas breed amphibians like the endangered snouted gharial popularly known as Gangetic Crocodile and marsh crocodiles.

The forest is alive during summer with the arrival of migrant birds paradise flycatcher, Indian pitta and parakeets, while winter birds include waterfowl, Brahminy ducks, pintails, bar-headed geese, cormorants and migratory birds from Siberia. Other bird varieties are woodpeckers, hornbills, peacocks, peahens, floricans and redheaded trogons. Wild Animals of ChitwanA rare attraction of the park is the worlds fresh water dolphin variety sometimes seen in River Narayani. Another factor adding a distinct touch to the Chitwan experience is the colourful Tharu culture. There are also sites of religious and historical importance at Devghat, Pandavnagar, Balmiki Ashram and Kabilaspur. Chitwan can be visited in all seasons, but best time to visit is September to March. Chitwan is easy to reach from Kathmandu and from other parts of the country. Daily flights to Meghauli and Bharatpur are available from Kathmandu. It is also connected by Sun Setroad to the capital and other major cities in the country.

Chitwan is one of the 75 districts of Nepal. Because of its strategic geographical location with respect to the other parts of the country, and also because of the diversity of the origin and culture of the people currently living there, this is sometimes also referred to as the seventy-sixth district of Nepal. People from almost all parts of the country have moved to this place permanently soon after this part of a dense wildeHotels In Chitwanrness in Terai (also commonly known as Chaar-Koshe Jhaadi was opened for new settlements in about 1950s. At the foot of the Himalayas, Chitwan is one of the few remaining undisturbed vestiges of the Chaar-Koshe Jhaadi of theTerai region, which formerly extended over the foothills of Nepal. It has a particularly rich flora and fauna. One of the last populations of single-horned Indian Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis), Panthers /Leopards, Gharial crocodiles, pythons, and several kinds of dears live (in addition to several other known and unknown species of animals, reptiles, birds) in the Chitwan National Park, which is also one of the last refuges of the Bengal tiger. There are also elephants that reside in the National Park.


Entrance fee to Royal Chitwan National Park:

For Nepalese: NRs. 20
For SAARC Nationals: NRs. 100
For Other Nationals: NRs. 550

Above rates are based on per person,per day basis. The Rates are subject to change. However, please verify the rates with your trekking agency in Nepal. These charges should be bought prior to departure from KTM or at the National Park itself.


• Jungle Drives: Jungle DriveBoarded on a four-wheel drive safari jeep, you will drive through the jungle where you can see hundreds of wild animals in their natural setting including the rare and endangered species of Royal Bengal Tiger, One-horned Rhino etc. As you visit the Ox-bow Lake and 20,000 lakes, you can see various mammals and birds that come their to drink water.

• Canoe Riding : You can boat on the Rapti river on a typical hand-made canoe dug-out of wood. As you canoe, you can see Gharials and Crocodiles basking in the sun and enjoy watching many colorful birds.

• Bird Watching: Chitwan National Park is hometo about 500 Bird Watchingspecies of residential and migratory birds including the endangered species like Great pied hornbill, Bengal Florican and Peregrine falcon. The park is an excellent site for bird watchers.

• Tharu Cultural Village tour : Tharu DanceTharus are the indigenous ethnic tribe of Terai of Nepal. Safari Wildlife Lodge offers guided cultural tours to the Tharu villages where you can interact and see the Tharus and their culture. On the way you will also visit the recently opened Tharu cultural museum, where you can explore and learn about the artifacts, tradition and living culture of Tharus.

• Elephant Breeding Center : We will take you to the first Elephant Breeding center of Asia, where you can see baby elephants socializing with their parents and other babies. The center lies at a convenient location from our camp.

• Tharu Stick Dance : We arrange a Tharu Stick dance, a typical cultural dance of Tharus, every evening at the camp. The drummers and stick dancers perform traditional movements and invite guests to join them maiming rhythmically.

• Elephant Safari : Riding an elephant is the safest mode to enter the jungle. In the Safari you can have close up views of the wild animals and their activities safely from the elephant back. Many tourists have described this program as one of the unforgettable moments of their life.

• Elephant Bathing: If you are interested to have more fun, you can enjoy the exotic elephant bath in the fresh running water of Rapti. You can bathe together along with elephant(s) in the clean water of Rapti where well-trained domestic elephants will shower and caress you with their trunks and you can do your bit to the elephant if you are interested.

• Jungle walk : If you want more adventure and intimacy with nature, you can walk through the jungle accompanied Sun Setby a well-trained nature guide. This is a very enjoyable program that allows you to have a close watch and learn about the flora and fauna of the park. The nature guide will explain give you a detailed information about the plants and animals there. From the Machans (watch towers), perched at various places inside the jungle by the National park, you can observe wild animals walking around, grazing, drinking water or sleeping in the bushes as you safely rest in the wilderness.

What To Bring >>>

Chitwan, with its tropical climate, has a high humidity throughout the year. Days are warm while the temperature during nights never go beyond freezing point even in the midst of winter.

Visitors are suggested to bring with them Sun hats, Sun glasses, sunscreens, insect repellents, flash lights, good walking shoes, binoculars, reference books on Chitwan's rich natural heritage. In the rainy season between July and September, a raincoat is highly recommended.

For Hotel booking, sightseeing and for more informations about Chitwan and all over Nepal Please, contact:


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