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"Handicrafts from Bhaktapur"

Bhaktapur is rich in its traditional culture and skills. The generations of master craftsmen have been carrying on their time-honored traditions of arts and crafts. Some of the major products from the crafts people of Bhaktapur are as follows:

Wood Carvings

The rich masterpieces in wood carving on the struts, pillars, windows of temples and buildings still boasts the skills of the craftsmen of Bhaktapur. Today, wood carving products like wooden frames, lamp stands, jewellery boxes, statues, and so on have become popular souvenirs for foreign tourists as well as locals. Fabulous wood craved furniture, wooden toys and masterpieces of windows or sculptures-anything might catch your attention.

Thangka Paintings

Thangkas are religious murals made on canvas usually depicting images of the Hindu and Buddhist deities, their incarnations and philosophies. Traditionally thangkas were prepared by extracting pigments from natural minerals and Himalayan plants. There were mixed with Jarma, a particular (tree sap) that ensured permanent colors.

Newari and Tibetian thangkas that are embellished with a final touch of gold is definitely more expensive. Shopkeepers will be more than happy to explain to you about the various qualities available. (Tourists interesd in thangkas are recommended to visit the National Art Gallery first)

Terracotta Products

Bhaktapur is the center for terracotta products. The two pottery squares are widely popular. Potters who are Kumhal (Prajapati) by caste, are skilled to shape the clay in various forms. First lumps of clay are shaped on wheels. Then they are dried under the sun for two to three days. Next they are fired in Pako (chimney) for three full days. Potters are ever busy making small to large pots, statutes of animals, birds toys et.

Lokta Paper Products

Traditional handmade paper has its own specialties. The paper is made from the bark of plants, husk, grain, grass, etc. The paper made from lokta has natural strength and attractive finish. Using hand made Lokta paper, various handicraft items such as files, greeting cards, stationeries, lamp sets and frames are produced locally.

Juju Dhau (Yoghurt)

Bhaktapur is famous for its tasty yoghurt, known as JujuDhau (King Curd). It is atypical Newari desert. It is required in every ceremonial feast. 

Metal Crafts

Metal craft is another important product of Bhaktapur, usually produced by a cast called Tamrakar. They are still handcrafted in the same method used at the time and craft originated centuries ago and represent auspicious, religious and powerful deities. Then there are the hand tapped pots, vases, and bells used in homes all over Nepal. One can find People at work in the small alleys of Skotha

Bhadgaonle Topi (Traditional Cap)

The popular black cap of Nepal known as Bhadgaonley Topi is one of our national emblems. It is also called Takuwa topi as its making undergoes several phases of making the cloth piece harder by using the separate piece called bikram, by additing local hardening materials, cutting the cloth according to a design and finally dying the caps after different parts have been sewn together.

Traditional Masks

Bhaktapur is renown for its traditional Mask production. Masks are usually produced by the people of a special cast called Pun. Black clay, cotton, white cloths, Nepali paper and paints in the hands of these skilled Puns produce masks that are used in traditional dances including the famous Navadurga dance. Small as well as large replicas can serve as an attractive piece of souvenir

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