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Bhadgaonly Topi

Bhadgonly topi now a days, we rarely make those kinds and besides we are costlier then the normal ones we make, which are machine-embroidered This topi has been found to be mostly used by commoners rather than aristocrats in the past. According to the cap makers, during the times of their fathers and grandfathers, the transactions of the caps were done at the local level. Chronicler Purushottom Lochan adds, "As these caps had not been mentioned or depicted in any sculptures photographs and scripts related to royal families and other higher classes, we can draw the conclusion that these topies had been mostly used by the common people."

Bhadgaonly topi with its artistic humps and troughs, might have served the common citizen's social chivalry, the one that had not been derived from the higher class. By evaluating its history and its prevalent use amongst the commoners, the Bhadgaonly topi earns a perfect name for itself- the people's cap.

Producers say that during the Panchayat system, the soldiers did maximum use of the topi, as it had been an essential part of their uniform. A special design of the topi's had been made for the army. Though uses of such caps were stopped latter the design still lived on and today is being used as the uniform cap for the boys Scouts of Nepal.

This Topi has spread throughout the nation. Everybody is making its use, irrespective of his status or caste. It remains as important accessory of the government officers to this day, Bhadgaonley topi has even been recognized as the national cop of Nepal along with the Dhaka Topi. Yet the makers claim the market of these caps to be tumbling day by day. Till some years back, people from every culture or tradition around world has a specific headgear of its own. The headgear symbolizes the respect and dignity one possesses. It also represents the tradition our ancestors have left for us to continue.

As we shed the old skins and move ahead in development, there likes no necessity of abandoning al the old whole embracing everything new. It is best to carry them along as they can act as reminiscences, which would help us realize who we really were and how far we have reached.

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